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Related article: Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 07:24:30 -0700 From: Jay roberts Subject: "Farm Boy and the Plough Salesman,Part Two by Jay Roberts Gay Rural"Jes stay there in that position slicker, n' sweet brother, how about you git in front and let the boy 'tinue to make nice to yur piece."Dennis smiled. He was real happy that his big brother was here to take over and bring fun to all of them. He got in front of Harry, and Harry like a passion drunk dog took back the taste cock and resumed sucking, his eyes closed in ecstasy.Harry shook is WMD and put the big head at the tender, unused, city boy hole. He just jap image board lolita held it there, letting the kid get used to the idea that he was going to be shafted. Harry was sucking Dennis like a madman, trying to quell his fear of being impaled. To further distract the tender stranger, Brad reached under and took hold of the long cock dangling undernear."I guess you got stopped in the middle of milkin' 'n that's no good for the utters. Now jes' feel it an' begin to deliver." He squeezed and stroked for awhile, but no pre cum honey came out. He figured that the boy was just to scared and he would have free pic lolita biz to further distract him. Harry took his big ham of a farm hand and wound up and gave one pale, fuzzy half a resounding slap.Tears came to Harry's eyes and he blubbered a bit, but he discovered that the slap brought intense sexual feelings. He almost shot his load. He got himself together when the hand repeated on his other ass cheek.He turned and looked at Brad. "Oh mister, that was good. I deserve that. I been in jail and all. You can do it again if you want."Brad crowed with a big deep laugh. "No drummer, I'll push you with my big cock, n' here goes." He slipped past Harry's tight ass ring and the warm yielding passage caressed his cock. It was hot in there and it was pulsing around his penis. It was his turn to go into a sexual hazy. He keened and mewled in helpless pleasure.Dennis was breathing hard from the stimulation of the young man's eager mouth. The fellow sure learned fast on how to bring pleasure. And this was the first time that Dennis had been mouth pleasured. He figured this was for him, from now on. As he began to fuck the mouth, he wondered how long it would be before he would deliver the farm boy milk.Harry felt the big guy's cock sliding over his hot button and he was transported into orbit. He knew that for him, this would define sex. He discovered that he was a natural bottom, that the girly role was what he had always craved but didn't know.Brad looked down at the slim fuzzy ass below him. He admired the pale smooth back. Then he discovered something nice. At the top of the young man's ass, at the base of his spine, there was a baby fine growth of black hair. Brad stroked it. It had a tremendous effect on the fuckee. He reared his head up and his cock, in Brad's big hand, got stiffer and began to hiccup his sperm. It preteen lolita ranchi zep coated Brad's hand and spilled over unto the cot. Harry was out of his mind as the orgasm went on longer than any he had ever felt. He thought that he had spilled a lifetime of cum.The pulsing of Harry's ass hole during his big orgasm caused his ass ring to open and tighten around Brad's cock, driving him to a big cum. He shouted out and began to unload, hosing the city boy's passage with hot spooge. The two moaned and bucked in pleasure.Harry sucked even harder as he was orgasming and Dennis pursed his lips and screwed up his face as his sweet milk delivery was on him. "Mr. Harry, git ready, here's yur gallon o' milk."Harry gulped and swallowed all the boy had to give him. bd ls board lolita Meanwhile, Brad pulled out, leaving Harry's hole twice the size it was, and feeling lonely and empty.The three fell on the bed breathing hard.Harry was the first to recover. "Now 'bout those ploughs I got in the truck..."Brad laughed, "We had 'nuff ploughing fer today."Dennis was quiet, then he spoke in a soft voice. "Brother, next time we all have sex fun, could you put yer mouth on mine 'round the time we deliver milks. I mightily would enjoy that."Brad wiggled over to Dennis. "How 'bout right now, fer the first kiss we ever did."Brad's full lips covered Dennis's and they sighed and hugged, feeling their cocks begin to rise in passion. After all they were healthy young ones.Harry, now having learned his new talent began giving blow jobs to both boys. The boys discovered that putting their tongue in each other intensified the feelings. Harry alternately went from one to another, using his hand on the one not being sucked.In about five minutes of intense kissing and feeling their cocks being hard sucked, they moaned into each other's mouth and began to buck and shoot their sweet milk. Harry caught it all, and as he swallowed, he felt his own cock begin to spew. "I am one cock sucker now," he thought.So they funned together that night, drank some moonshine and sucked and fucked until dawn. Harry packed up his truck and waved goodbye. As he steered down the hill he nude young lolita beauty wondered what sexual adventures would come to him as he was now a top or a bottom, a sucker or suckee. "Should fit any occasion," he thought.Later, as he was far down the interstate he spoke to himself outloud; "Harry, they called you a city slicker. What kind of a slicker can be made to suck the younger brother and get fucked by the older brother? These hicks are smarter than I thought, and they didn't even buy a plough from me.End of story
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